With all bathroom lights, where in the bathroom you wish to install the light will determine the types available as electrical regulations split the bathroom up into 4 different zones.

If you are purchasing your own lights, new regulations also state that you must have your lighting circuit that feeds the bathroom, protected by an RCD. So please check your consumer unit first, before purchasing any new lighting.

The 4 zones in a bathroom are defined as:

Zone 0 – Inside a Bath or shower – only low voltage (12V) Total Immersion units.

Zone 1 – The area immediately surrounding the bath or shower to 2.25 m above the bath. Any lights in this zone must be IP55 or higher meaning spray proof.

Zone 2 – This area must have splash proof lights so IP44 or IP54 or higher.

Zone 3 – No IP requirement, but IP44 preferable as these are splash proof.


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