What could be lovelier – or more dangerous – than a garden hot tub?


As with a bathroom, a hot tub is a hazardous area. Installation of a hot tub is governed by Part P of the Building Regulations. The work must meet the specifications set out in the 17th edition of the BS7671 Wiring Regulations, section 702, and certification is required to verify the quality of the work.


Section 702 states that all electrical devices within the basin (Zone 0) must be rated IPX8. IP (Ingress Protection) rating measures the degree of protection against solid objects (first digit) and water (second digit). An IPX8 rating indicates that the device is not graded for dust resistance (X) and is totally water resistant (8). The area up to 2 meters around the hot tub and 1.5 meters above it is labelled Zone 1; all electrical devices within this zone must have an IP rating of at least X4. Wiring must be encased in appropriate conduit.


Residual Current Device


A hot tub must not share an electricity supply with any other appliance. It needs to be hard wired on its own spur and protected by an RCD (residual current device) – a wiring device that disconnects a circuit when the electric current between the energized conductor and the return conductor is uneven. This means that any deviation in the route of the current – i.e. through a body – is identified, and the supply will automatically be shut off. The RCD is an important tool for decreasing the chance of fatality in the event of electric shock.


Our qualified electricians will advise you on the logistics of your new installation. We’ll explain preferred wiring routes, especially regarding the drilling of holes for access to the indoor consumer unit. We’ll also talk to you about options for additional outside lighting.


Party Time!


It’s a legal requirement that all electrical installation work must be approved and signed off by a qualified electrician. With this certification, you have the peace of mind to enjoy your hot tub. So, call your friends, crank up the CD player, and stock up on beer.


… Oh yes – and don’t forget the Pringles!