Many electrical procedures in the home are notifiable, which means that they must comply with Part P Building Regulations. If the work is carried out by anyone other than a registered electrician, the work must be officially approved by the Local Authority Building Control department or an approved inspector. A registered electrician, however, is authorised to certify the compliance of their own work.

Competent Person Scheme

An electrician who is registered in the UK on a Competent Person Scheme has met strict entry requirements. Qualifications, experience, knowledge, and skills are taken into account. Whilst registered as a Competent Person, the electrician will continue to undergo periodical assessment and provide proof that they are fully insured.

Regulated by the UK government

It’s a legal requirement that certain work is certified as compliant with the current BS7671 electrical safety standard (IEE Wiring Regulations). On completion of notifiable work, a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate will be provided. For all work – notifiable or not – a registered electrician will provide a BS7671 certificate to confirm that the work has been carried out, inspected, and tested in line with the BS7671 standard.

For the property owner (customer), documents certifying compliance will support any future legal action or insurance claim.

Money Matters

Legal responsibility for all building work lies with the property owner.

The consequences of carrying out work that is either not compliant with Building Regulations, or which has not been officially signed off, could be devastating. At best, a home owner may have to bear the expense of an inspection, and possibly further costs in remedial work. Or the home owner might be ordered to undo the work, which could be logistically frustrating and financially crippling.

Safety in the Home

Pushing aside, for a moment, the logistical and financial stresses of non-compliance, there’s the safety issue. If an electrician is registered with a Competent Person Scheme, it’s a sure sign they know what they’re doing. Faulty electrical work can be fatal.

No Cowboys

An electrician belonging to a Competent Person Scheme has already proved competence and knowledge. There’s a huge professional advantage in being a Competent Person. But there’s an awful lot to lose.

All government-approved scheme operators will investigate complaints against their members. Any electrician who is registered as a Competent Person will take their job seriously, and will have professional pride. This pride is valuable to the customer, not only because you know that the electrician is, indeed, competent, but because their own livelihood and reputation depend on high standards and honourable conduct.

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