So, more and more customers are choosing to heat their home and hot water using electricity, as it’s cheaper and less damaging on the environment, then a traditional gas or oil supplied boiler. Recently LCD Electrical Services have been inundated with calls from customers asking us to install the wiring supply and controls for their new electric combi boilers.

If your thinking about moving to an Electric Boiler, here’s a few plus points, on why we believe this is the way forward for householders.

Electric Boilers work under a similar principle as traditional gas boilers; however instead of requiring fuel to heat the water in a central heating system it uses electricity. Also available as an electric combi boiler, these heating systems offer great space economy as they combine the water heater and central heating boiler into one unit. Unlike gas boilers, electric alternatives are 100% efficient!

Installation is simple and cost effective due to their compact and light construction, and because they are powered by electricity, they don’t require a flue or fuel supply. An electric boiler can therefore be sited anywhere within the property which makes them ideal for homes that don’t have the extra space for storing an oil tank. The electric central heating boiler is also suitable for properties which have no access to mains gas supply or experience gas boiler restrictions.

The size of the property and the heating requirements will determine what kilowatt output is needed. The lower kW boilers are cheaper to buy and have considerably lower running costs, however these may not be as efficient as larger models.

If you need your heating system wired in Norfolk, call us now for a free quotation and advise!

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