So, with compulsory electrical checks coming into force for landlords this year, the question I keep getting asked is how much will it cost me?

More and more people are emailing me saying, I’ve got 2 x three-bedroom houses that needs an electrical certificate, how much will it cost?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that, because no two properties are going to be the same, one might have 5 circuits to test and the other might have 10 circuits. so please be aware of anyone who gives you a price based on just the size of your house, because unless they have physic powers, they will not know how much work is involved until they get there.

I’ve also found evidence of customers in Norwich, Norfolk that have been ripped off, by companies that are offering to test your house for ridiculously small sums of money like £99 etc. Before you ring these companies because you think they are giving away the deal of a lifetime, just beware that The NICEIC (National Inspection Council for electrical installation contracting) advises that the length of time required to test a single circuit is between 30 minutes to 45 minutes, so what gives?

Bearing in mind, most self-employed electricians would be earning £35+ per hour, how do their prices add up then???

For example, an average house with 8 circuits to test, even at the minimum amount of 30 min per circuit x £35 labour would bring the price to £140 + £35 for the hour to write the report up = £175

So how are they doing it for £99?

Either they are not spending the recommend time checking and testing everything that they should be doing, or more than likely, they are looking to gain their money back from any remedial work they find that needs addressing first, and believe me it will be belt and braces on everything they check, before they will pass your property.

Beware of these companies offering cheap prices, because they will also insist on doing the remedial work (something you can actually get another electrician to do) and that’s how they will make their money back on the cheap certificates they offer.

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